Project Description


  • 112,364

  • 9 months


  • A simple auction purchase, to ensure that the loan was completed by the Underwriting Team to the time frame set by the auction contract
  • We were notified that the Borrower had decided to take a last minute holiday and informed during the latter stages that the revised completion date would now need be five days ahead of the agreed schedule


  • We stepped up and dispensed with the business as usual processes, which on this occasion might not guarantee completion to this tight new deadline
  • Email was dispensed with and the Underwriters delivered all the requirements face-to-face, from liaising with the transactional Solicitors to all outstanding instructions needed


  • The loan completed to allow for settlement of the auction purchase of the property, ensuring that significant penalties were not incurred
  • In addition, funding was also provided to enable the Borrower’s to renovate and refurbish this tired and uninhabitable property