Project Description

  • 137,900
  • 12 months


  • The Borrower’s intended to reconfigure a shop and eight bed property to a shop and nine bed HMO for professional letting. The reconfiguration would have to be completed to a high standard which was both appealing to the market and complying with HMO standards so as to obtain the relevant licence. All of this had to be achieved in advance so that the Borrowers had time to facilitate the refinance of the property and redeem on time


  • Mint Bridging established open lines of communication with the Borrower’s who were project managing the works. This was key in order to ensure works were completes on time, on budget and of quality


  • Fantastic results, licence applied and obtained early and refinanced all ahead of schedule! The property was finished to a very high standard and the plan not only went great, it finished ahead of schedule

They did a great job and were clear and constant in their communication. Great Client’s producing great results showing clear passion and understanding of property development.