Mint Bridging has appointed its head of underwriting, Richard Showman, to the new role of head of lending.
Prior to joining Mint in September 2015, Richard held a variety of senior financial services and property related roles in a career which dates back to 1990.
In his new role, Richard will continue to play a significant part in day to day decision-making for new lending opportunities, alongside being more involved in overseeing the management of the company’s loan book.

Mint’s managing director, Andrew Lazare, said: “Richard has been at the centre of our lending management for over three years and our recent success could not have occurred without his considerable commitment, care and expertise. I am delighted that we have been able to reward his hard work with this newly created position, and I am confident that he will be at the heart of the success of our business for many years to come.”

Richard added: “I am incredibly pleased to be able to step up into a new responsibility which has been tailor-made for me. This position gives me exposure to almost every part of the company, particularly delivering growth success in 2019 and the long term.”