Mint Bridging, the award winning short-term bridging lender, recognised in the industry for fast, flexible and fair lending, is delighted to announce major innovations to its product offering.

Following the recent announcement of the provision of direct access to its eight mandated Underwriters and the creation of different specialist Teams for development lending and traditional bridging activities, Mint is pleased to confirm the launch of a new market-leading product proposition.

With immediate effect, sub-60% Loan-to-Value, straightforward bridging loans on existing residential properties worth up to £1.5M, will no longer require ‘Personal Guarantees; Mint has also removed the need for an application form. The most eye-catching move, however, is the abolition of the need for a valuation.

Andrew Lazare, Managing Director at Mint Bridging elaborated. “The separation of our Teams has created an ideal opportunity to look afresh at what it means to be a provider of traditional bridging products & services. For this type of lending, our intermediary partners and borrowers particularly value a speedy, slick, cost-effective process. We have listened to their needs and are pleased to be able to make these criteria changes to allow us to launch this new product. We believe it will deliver exactly what they have asked for, and will be very popular.”

With over 100 years of collective lending experience, Mint provides bridging, development and refurbishment loans as well as auction finance, re-bridging and commercial loans. In the near decade since it was formed, Mint has lent on a short-term basis in virtually every possible lending scenario.

To access the Teams directly visit:

Mint Bridging has been operating since 2011, offering short-term bridging loans up to £5 million that borrowers use to fund property purchases, refinance, second charge loans or development projects. As the business is privately funded, third parties do not dictate lending decisions. This results in faster loan conversions.

For brokers looking for a rapid, flexible and original approach to borrowing, Mint has a Team of 30 people with eight mandated Underwriters. Sinead Moynihan heads up the Sales Team, while Richard Showman manages the Underwriting Team. Andrew Lazare and industry magnate Mark Abrahams run the day-to-day business.