Mint Bridging Launches New Brand Identity Focusing on Handcrafted Loans.
Award winning lender, Mint Bridging today launches its new brand positioning and identity, pitching itself as a 3rd generation lender.
Mint Bridging is also announcing that it has lent over £325,000,000 across 775 loans since the company formed six years ago, and its current funds under management exceed £100,000,000.  
Mint’s expertise as an innovative lender has allowed the ability to handcraft each loan to meet the borrowers’ individual requirements.  As the company is 100% privately funded, it also allows them the freedom and flexibility to use their expertise in helping clients create bespoke business opportunities.
In the last 12 months Mint has grown significantly and now has over 30 staff in sales, underwriting, legal and finance roles across two sites. 
As part of the new rebranding Mint incorporated 4 key brand pillars into its communications: Entrepreneurial, Family Values, Responsible and Knowledge.
Andrew Lazare clarified “Our re-launch and identity is a visual expression of what we do and mean, for our brokers and clients.  Mint’s brand pillars are the reason why we have experienced huge success in the last few years. I am delighted with the team Mint’s built and the product offering we have brought to market. This rebranding and repositioning takes us to the next level in our business development. We now have four key areas that we work in; bridging finance, refurbishment loans, second charge loans and development finance. Until recently we were really known for our bridging loan proposition, but we are equally as strong funding new build developments and heavy refurbishments.“
Paul Wertheim added “We have the systems, process and teams in place. In line with our business model and current growth plans we felt it was the right time to move the business forward and roll out our new messaging and communication. We looked at our current and visionary business model and agreed that we required a new set of understanding to physically demonstrate these attributes.  We think ‘handcrafted loans’ perfectly sums this up.”