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Successful short-term lending is in our DNA

Providing short-term finance from £100,000 to £5 million for up to 18 months.
Our property loans are fast, flexible and fair.

Successful short-term lending is in our DNA

Providing short-term finance from £100,000 to £5 million for up to 18 months.
Our property loans are fast, flexible and fair.


Our Team has over 100 years of collective lending experience. In the years since Mint Bridging was formed, we have lent on a short term basis in virtually every scenario which can exist. Success is more than just being experienced though. For us, success is as much about building, nurturing and growing relationships with Introducers, Brokers and Borrowers. This is all about finding the right property solution and to do that, our loans are priced to be competitive and fair. You know what you get and what it will cost from the start.

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We lend on a wide range of residential, commercial and semi-commercial properties throughout England and Wales. We are 100% privately funded so we have the freedom and flexibility to make commercial decisions without the restrictions often placed by bank funders.


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We deliver a complete range of property refurbishment finance solutions to cater for every type of development. Our experienced in-house experts can assess a project and provide a fast decision. We offer ongoing support throughout the duration of the works.


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We’re well known for our expertise in development finance, having helped many property developers and investors achieve their goals. We ensure the right terms are in place for every project and provide expert support every step of the way, from the release of funds to final redemption.


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When there is a financial gap that needs filling, Mint Bridging offer second charge loans on residential properties, whether the funds are being used for business or investment purposes. We make things easy, with terms agreed for you and a solution to suit your exact needs.



Mint Bridging is a privately-run business with family values. Property finance is in our DNA.

Mint Bridging provides competitive and fair rates to meet the exact needs of every Borrower. We are a unique provider of individually structured, short-term finance for property purchases, developments and general capital raising.
Providing finance from £100,000 to £5 million for up to 18 months.

Every solution is addressed to meet a Borrowers individual requirements; from funding a purchase, or refinancing a property, to covering the full cost of a total refurbishment or development.

Our extensive experience in property finance helps us to see things from a Borrowers point of view. This unique insight means we can offer practical help and advice, allowing us to work in our clients’ best interests every step of the way.

Because we are 100% privately funded, we have the freedom and flexibility to make commercial decisions without the restrictions often placed by bank funders.

We’re available seven days a week to deal with all enquiries and provide direct access to Mandated Underwriters, In-house Lawyers, Quantity Surveyors and Asset Managers.

Our property loans are fast, flexible and fair.
Our policies ensure everyone is treated fairly.

We are proud to be part of the next generation of innovative lenders.

We have over 100 years of financial management experience at your disposal.

Our lending decisions are not dictated by external funding sources. This freedom enables us to use our own judgement based on our own extensive experience.

Mint Bridging has lent over £400 million and funded more than 800 loans.

Our knowledge and skills combine to help us build dependable, long-standing relationships with Introducers, Brokers and Clients.



“Our client had funded their development with a well-known bridging lender. The development of apartments were all completed and on the market for sale but the current lender refused to extend the term and instead was threatening an LPA receiver. We successfully worked with Mint Bridging to refinance the loan, providing our Borrower with enough time to sell the flats and realise their profit.”

Aaron Sinclair, Mint Bridging Customer

“Our timeframes were tight, however, the terms were issued to us within sixty minutes of our application submission. The property valuation was booked the same day and Mint Bridging’s Solicitor sent out the legal documents within 24 hours of instructing the case to them. We were highly impressed that the loan completed within five days to allow the successful auction property purchase to proceed.”

Jacqueline Hampton, Mint Bridging Customer

“Since being introduced to Mint Bridging we have at last found a Bridger with a modern approach combined with an old school attitude towards courteous client services. Quick decision making is key in bridging. The fact that the Business Development Managers are empowered to both make the decisions and be involved in the whole process was very refreshing.”

Peter Johnston, Mint Bridging Customer

“We were delighted when Mint Bridging came onsite to understand the project and learn about our plans and intentions. They were great to work with and I would have no hesitations in recommending them to colleagues. Their knowledge and work ethic was exceptional.”

Laurence Ross , Mint Bridging Customer

“I’d like to thank everyone at Mint Bridging who worked speedily and diligently to complete our recent case. I appreciate that the indicative terms came out quickly and that you were able to work with our client calmly and professionally when the valuation and legals threw up a few hurdles. It was one of those satisfying cases where we were all extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Hussain Ahmed , Mint Bridging Customer


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